Our love and passion for Ragdoll breed begun with our beautiful Cat Dream. Her intelligence, Affection  and gentle character mesmerized us. Her dog-like personality, loving temperament, interaction with humans and devotional character insisted us to learn more about Ragdolls. This was the time when we started as a hobby breeder because we wanted to share that same experience with others.

We started taking her to the shows and discovered how fascinating and loving this breed is which is reflected by the feedback of judges and professional breeders. We then achieved a new ambition we aim to breed happy, healthy and adorable Ragdolls which can add happiness in others lives as ours have been once we were touched by the Ragdolls charm.

Our Ragdoll babies can regularly be seen on the show bench at shows around UK. We work very hard to promote them. We take pride in our cats and kittens and we want them to go to the home who will truly appreciate the friendly nature of our cats and kittens. We want you to make sure all of them receive the best of attention and socialization. They are all raised as part of our loving family and we expect others to put the same efforts and love towards them.